After years of unconscious consumption of disposable fashion, we've set on a mission - to create a minimalist clothing movement. We are driven by the idea of clothes as a layer aimed to enhance the person, not become the subject of constant chase for new possessions, which distracts us from our life purpose.

We started a journey to create the ultimate dress - an item that can serve us during our complex modern lives, when women go from their home to the gym, office, work functions, kids activities and dinners with friends. We wanted a dress that can do it all, with the most comfort and style. 

ULTIMA was born after countless prototypes, fabric searches and fit adjustments and we couldn't be more proud of our first creation. It flatters the ever changing female body as it goes through waist size fluctuations, pregnancies, or just seeking comfort in our second skin. 

We welcome customer feedback and suggestions, as we continue to perfect our creation. Proudly made in New York City's Garment District.


Yuli Ziv spent the past two decades disrupting the fashion industry. First, as one of the very first fashion bloggers covering New York Fashion week, and later as  the founder of Style Coalition, a pioneering influencer network, whose clients included world’s biggest fashion, beauty & luxury brands.
An immigrant founder, she bootstrapped her business from zero to millions in revenue and sold it to a global software company, making her American Dream a reality. An author of several trade books on innovation, Yuli is a passionate speaker and a poster child for the female entrepreneurship movement.
She created ULTIMA as a response to the wasteful and disposable approach she's witnessed in the fashion industry. As a busy entrepreneur and a new mother in her 40s, she's set on a mission to create the ultimate dress to match her ever changing body and lifestyle. Minimalism is her ultimate motto and the inspiration behind ULTIMA. http://yuliziv.com


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